Trump Campaign Manager Outed For Grossly Inappropriate Touching At Party

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been exposed as a sexual predator after having inappropriately touched and harassed a female entertainer at a party late in 2016.

Musician and Trump supporter Joy Villa claims that she was attending a holiday party at the Trump International Hotel in late November when Lewandowski slapped her rear multiple times.

Disgustingly, when she objected, the controversial activist and pundit told her to “go ahead” and tell someone and continued harassing her.

“I said, if you’re busy, don’t worry about it, we don’t have to take a photo,” Villa says she told Lewandowski, but the pair ended up being pushed together and posing for a photograph.

“I’m wearing this silver suit and stretchy pants, and after the photo, he smacks my ass really hard,” the singer told a reporter from Politico. “It was completely demeaning and shocking.”

She told the offending Lewandowski that she could have him reported for sexual harassment.

“Go ahead, I worked in the private sector,” he dismissively told her.

The former campaigner’s star seemed to be rising in recent weeks, with some speculating that Lewandowski would even be offered a job in the White House. This development is almost certain to change that.

More of the account from Politico:

The November party, hosted by Trump’s campaign the week after Thanksgiving, was attended by people who had been part of the 2016 race. That included Jared Kushner and policy adviser Stephen Miller, family members Eric and Lara Trump, and the Trump-supporting comedy duo Diamond & Silk, according to multiple attendees. A campaign official confirmed both Lewandowski and Villa attended the party. Villa said the whole incident with Lewandowski was over before she had a chance to collect her thoughts. “Corey laughed in my face and ran away,” she said. “It felt like it was all a big joke to him.”

“It was the most ridiculous thing I have ever experienced,” Villa added. “It was shocking and gross.” Villa said she had been enjoying herself at the party. But after the experience with Lewandowski, she said she felt deflated. “It was like my bubble burst,” she said. “It’s how every woman feels when she is sexually harassed.”

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