Top Republican Accused Of Taking Bribes To Investigate Hillary, Absolve Trump

Everyone knows who Trey Gowdy is. He’s the guy who led the Benghazi investigation against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. He’s also currently serving on the House Intelligence Committee actively defending Donald Trump against allegations involving Russia.

But, Gowdy, a former prosecutor, is now coming under fire for his connections to Donald Trump and his super PAC. It was just discovered that he accepted large sums of money around the same time the House Intelligence Committee began investigating Trump, as well as contributions from several prominent Anti-Hillary groups while leading her investigation.

Essentially, he’s being accused of accepting bribes, there’s really no other way to put it. 

Regardless of how you look at it, it has just been proved that Gowdy has accepted money from Trump’s own super PAC. He needs to recuse himself from any and all investigations into Donald Trump immediately.

In total, though, Gowdy has received thousands upon thousands of dollars to go both after Clinton and absolve Trump. The evidence against him is undeniable.













There is currently a House Ethics complaint against Gowdy for the Trump connections but the investigation into him has not been made public yet since they are confidential.

Now, the Hillary investigation is long gone. After all, she lost the election. There’s no need to go after her anymore. Trump, however, is trying to put an end to the Russia collusion story. Gowdy is a key figure in Congress and wanting to take over the House Oversight Chair when Republican Jason Chaffetz leaves later next month to “spend more time with family.” And – that’s all Gowdy has been doing, is defending Trump.

Gowdy has already gone on the record of saying he wants to “completely drop the Russia investigation.” Here’s what he told reporters on Friday, despite the federal ethics complaints against him:

“I want to return the Oversight panel to its original ‘compulsory’ jurisdiction, including overseeing more mundane issues like government procurement and the Census.”

Basically, no investigation into Trump. It all looks very bad.

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