This Viral Video Shows Student Schooling Teacher On Racism (VIDEO)

I hope this teacher learned something today.

Over the last few years, the word “racism” has been redefined by white people to be about white people, in that white people are most often the recipient of racism.

While black people and Latinos are being systematically oppressed by everyone from police to landlords to employers to neighbors to the entire justice system, white people are complaining that it is they who are persecuted, because sometimes people of color say mean things.

One high school student was studying racism in her mixed-race class when the teacher apparently described racism as a two-headed coin – that people of color could be as racist as white people. One of his students was having none of that. She confronted her teacher by saying that racism against white people was non-existent.

“Racism is based on the systematic oppression of people. White people have never suffered that,” the student explains. “Yeah, you’ve tried to say it’s possible. Yeah, in the future it’s possible to like have some sort of systematic oppression of white people. But it’s never happened. So you saying it’s not going to be up for argument, it’s kind of like you, as a white man, saying what is and what is not racist. And that’s what’s been happening throughout this century.”

Source: US Uncut

The dictionary definition of racism is: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

Racists will tell you that that’s proof that black people can be racist toward white people. It’s not. Of course there are people of color who hate white people. It’s not like we haven’t been asking for it for hundreds of years, but they are a tiny minority and even that’s not racism. The bottom line is that it’s still a white person’s world. The perceived notion of superiority is exclusive to white people, no matter what white people say.

The corporate ladder is almost entirely topped by white men. On the bottom of that ladder, nearly half the homeless population is black, while about 10 percent of the general population is black. Black people are also incarcerated about about six times the rate of white people. We could go on an on about how white people make the rules to benefit white people, but there will always be those white people who feel that it is they who are oppressed (hence the popularity of the Republican party).


In recent polls, always the victim white people said that racism is as bad a problem for them as it is for black people. You have to wonder if those people have been stopped for shoplifting, or stopped and frisked while walking down the street, or had taxis ignore them because of their skin color, or lost a job or an apartment because of skin color. Are young white men shot by cops at the same rate as black men? No.

Sure, white people have problems. Many white people are poor, very poor. Some are homeless. Some go to prison. Some have a hard time finding a job, but none of these problems are because of skin color. When people are oppressed simply because of skin color, that’s racism. When a black person is rude to a white person, that’s not racism. They might be prejudice or it might just be a rude person, but it’s not racism.

Featured image via video screen capture.

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