This Extremely Heartfelt Letter From Obama To Shooting Survivors Is Breaking The Internet

Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama may not be in the White House anymore, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost any class.

On March 10th, the first family wrote to the surviving students of the Parkland, Florida mass shooting where 17 of their own were killed, and told them how proud of them they were.

The letter is just now being made public. 

Most politicians or former politicians like to publicize whenever they say or do something nice, but the family did it in secret. That has to be admired.

Truth be told, ever since the shooting took place, a movement around the country has started – millions of students participated in a national school walkout day, all organized by some very active Parkland students who were sick and tired of all the gun violence.

The first couple noticed this “resilience” and wanted the students to know how important the work they were doing was.

The first couple wrote:

We wanted to let you know how inspired we have been by the resilience, resolve and solidarity that you have all shown in the wake of unspeakable tragedy.

Not only have you supported and comforted each other, but you’ve helped awaken the conscience of the nation, and challenged decision-makers to make the safety of our children the country’s top priority.

Throughout our history, young people like you have led the way in making America better. There may be setbacks; you may sometimes feel like progress is too slow in coming. But we have no doubt you are going to make an enormous difference in the days and years to come, and we will be there for you.


This is undoubtedly a very personal and deeply touching issue for President Obama.

While he was president he had to give 14 speeches to the nation following every mass shooting that occurred under his presidency, and no matter what he did, he always faced opposition by an NRA-backed Republican Congress.

He even famously cried in one of those speeches while speaking about the horrible gun violence that occurred at Sandy Hook, that left 20 children murdered.

We congratulate Obama for keeping up the good fight and inspiring the next generation to fight for this just cause of making schools a safer place.

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