The Show President Trump Watches Every Day On TV Just Said He Could Be Indicted

Everyone knows President Trump is a huge fan of Fox News. He watches it almost religiously.

Just earlier today he tweeted out how surprised he was at what he heard on the network. Minutes after it aired on television, Trump blurted out another crazy tweet of his talking about how the “Obama FBI” spied on him.

He didn’t get an official briefing on this. He didn’t consult with any advisers. He simply heard it and then started tweeting.

I know because I heard the same thing while listening in the background before my Trump notifications started going off.

Also on Thursday, Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani told CNN that he didn’t think Mueller’s team could indict the president, and that Mueller’s team iterated that fact as well.

Well, if Trump were watching Fox news later in the day, like he usually does, he would have been surprised to find out that Judge Andrew Napolitano on the network said Trump could be indicted.

“The president is not above the law,” he said. “He can be indicted like anybody else.”

Watch here:

Napolitano then backed his case up with Justice Department memos.

One of the memos, which was issued after the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton, said that evidence of crimes by a sitting president must be sent to the House. However, and this is important, the same team within the Justice Department that wrote that memo said that a sitting president could be indicted.

The two memos would seem to contradict each other but it could simply mean that the House needs to be informed of such matters in certain instances.

Napolitano also dropped this bombshell on Trump. He said that the president could legally be subpoenaed, despite what Giuliani says.

“In terms of subpoenaing, I respectfully would invite Mayor Giuliani’s attention to a Supreme Court opinion called ‘United States v. Nixon’ which upholds the authority of the Justice Department to subpoena the president of the United States,” he said.

Still – Giuliani is insisting that Trump can’t be indicted. He can’t be swayed no matter how rational the argument.

“They can’t indict. At least they acknowledged that to us after some battling. They acknowledged that to us,” Giuliani said to CNN.

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