State Lawmakers To Begin Impeachment Proceedings

Republican Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is refusing to resign, despite being charged with two felonies by state prosecutors.

He might not have a choice.

On Thursday night, Missouri House and Senate leaders announced that they have gathered enough support from lawmakers to call the state legislature into a special session to initiate impeachment proceedings against him.

He’s accused of computer tampering, involving taking a donor list from a nonprofit in order to raise campaign cash and of taking a photo of his mistress lover, threatening to release it if she told anyone about their relationship.

Greitens had wanted to keep the entire ordeal a secret from his wife. The woman further claimed that he took the photograph “without her consent.”

Greitens says everything has been “lies and falsehoods.”

Greitens is striking a political resemblance to the man currently sitting in the White House. He alleges there is a “political witch hunt” perpetrated against him and that he intends to fight the charges.

Listen to Governor Greitens defend the charges:

Greitens is expected to appear in court on May 14th for one of the charges, just before the special session is expected to start at 6:30 p.m. on May 18th, 30 minutes after the regular session ends.

Even if the governor beats the charges in a criminal court, he could still be voted out of his job. More than three-fourths of all lawmakers in each chamber voted to hold the impeachment hearings.

This is still a developing story.

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