SNL Skit Sarah Palin To Hillary Clinton: “I Heard You Lost And Had To Become A Secretary”

Last night, Saturday Night Live (SNL) featured a hilarious skit starring Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton from 2008, and rising star Kate McKinnon as current Hillary Clinton. These ladies knocked it out the park in perhaps the funniest skit of the night.

The skit started with McKinnon’s 2015 Hillary talking to herself in the mirror, giving herself a self-affirmation reminiscent of the SNL character Stewart Smalley. She then prepared for bed by getting into her comfortable pajamas, which of course turned out to be a pants suit.

Shortly after she lay down for “a night of productive dreaming,” smoke filled the room and she’s visited by Poehler’s 2008 Hillary. The two Hillarys are delighted to see one another. 2008 Hillary remarked, “You’ve changed your hair!”

2015 Hillary told her former self that she’s running for president again and, this time, it’s a sure thing. However, 2008 Hillary warned her that around this time in 2007 she was feeling the same cockiness, until “someone named Barack Obama stumbled out of a soup kitchen with a basketball and a cigarette and ruined my life.”

2015 Hillary reassured her former self that everything will work out this time. 2008 Hillary still wasn’t convinced. She asked 2015 Hillary who the current Republican front-runner was. 2015 Hillary told her to hold on to something.

2008 Hillary told her “just tell me.” 2015 Hillary told her “Donald Trump.” And with that 2008 Hillary literally hit the floor. A second later 2008 Hillary jumped back up, and the two Hillarys started celebrating their destined presidential victory.

Enter another cloud of smoke, and standing with her back turned in the mist, wearing her signature red jacket and copyrighted hair-do was non-other than Tina Fey’s Palin character. She said:

“Oh geez, it looks like I went through time and space again.”

And upon seeing both versions of Hillary she exclaimed:

“What the heck! I landed in the bedroom of a lesbian couple!”

Palin then recognized 2008 Hillary and told her:

 “Oh yeah, we ran for president together,” she said. “You poor thing, I heard that after you lost you had to become a secretary.”

The two Hillarys corrected her in Unison, “Of State!”

As usual, Palin was unfazed upon having a dumb comment corrected, and continued:

 “Oh, I was paired up with that cute little John McCain fella, may he rest in peace, I’m guessing,” she joked. “Gaw, I remember he was great. I remember he had that real funny sayin’, he’d say ‘Sarah, you’re the worst thing that ever happened to me!’”

The skit concluded as 2008 Hillary announced:

“I need to get back to 2008 and send a bunch of emails.”

2016 Hillary’s eyes grew wide and she grabbed 2008 Hillary’s cell phone and crushed it. She then told her

“Trust me. You’ll thank me later”


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