SNL Perfectly Mocks Those Awkward Thanksgiving Moments With Conservative Family Members (VIDEO)

SNL shows you how to handle Republicans in your family that say stupid conservative shit this Thanksgiving holiday. This is hilarious.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to be with loved ones. The problem is that while we love our family, we don’t always agree with our family.

Saturday Night Live did one of the best parodies of your typical Thanksgiving dinners I’ve ever seen. It was called “A Thanksgiving Miracle” and it shows a young, biracial couple and the racism that ensued. The talk turned to refugees and of course, the 2016 election.

“I saw an ISIS today in the A&P, when I was picking up the yams,” one woman states as her niece rolls her eyes and explains, “No you didn’t, Aunt Cathy. That was an Asian woman.”

From there it goes downhill with family bickering as Aunt Cathy asks the only black member of the dinner party, “Why is it that your ‘friends’ keep antagonizing the police?”

Source: Raw Story

Then, the family bickering begins, only to be interrupted by Adele’s amazing “Hello.”

Then, the doorbell rings and it’s the grandparents, who just “saw two transgenders at the airport,” which they called a “very interesting trend,” because “there weren’t any around when (he) was younger.”

But Adele, once again, saves Thanksgiving as the one thing everyone can agree upon is to sing and dance to her lovely music.

If you’re hosting right-wing relatives this Thanksgiving, you might want to buy the latest Adele. Who can’t agree on Adele, right? If that doesn’t work, you can always attempt to avoid politics, social issues and religion. Yeah, I’m sticking with Adele too.

Here’s the video:

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