Slowing The Pulse Of Trump’s Gun People

They have blood on their hands.

Wish you all would go deeper into the attitude of violence in USA. I disagree with the premise that the rate of gun ownership is key to the violence we see. Sure, the rate of gun ownership may be highest in this country, but in almost all countries, the rate is 1 in 3 people having a gun, plenty enough individuals to become murderers. Yet the same innocent slaughter does not exist.

In fact, that attitude is racist bigotry. I don’t mean against African-Americans, although a case could be made for that, too. No, against brown and black, and yellow people throughout the world. First, though, let me say that the NRA influence in Congress always implies to a Congressman, or woman too unfortunately, the obscenely greater financial and political support of the billion-dollar Arms Industry, rendering NRA support just peanuts.

It is a successful diversion utilizing a straw man for you to attack the NRA as a bogeyman, when the Godzilla of gun politics looms and hangs ever-present in the Pentagonal weapons industry dance and national disgrace. As long as our citizens struggle and squabble with our fellow citizens of the NRA, the unpatriotic armament producers and dealers are left to continue the culture of violence in our militaristic empire. For an empire built on military threat is where you live.

Research how many woman and children of the world have died when your military has bombed peaceful weddings, supposedly by mistake. Recall the invasions and slaughter of innocents around the world in the name of your National Security. If you believe the President sets the moral tone for our citizens, the young especially, then you cannot deny that violence as a solution permeates and lies behind the national attitude towards people of color throughout the world.

So more restrictions, more laws are a desperate grab to control the sickness of the national spirit, yet the poison of endemic violent intent will leak out somewhere else. Automobile rundowns, pipe-bombs, poison gas, biological agents, guns still, unhappily, which will be available to anyone who really wants one despite restrictions on people evidencing domestic violence, mental instability, violent past, or whatever you choose.

But go ahead, you have a righteous crusade and fulfilling purpose in life that may do some good. However, the shroud of blood on your hands will still congeal from your acquiescence in the mass killings that your government commits against children throughout the world beyond your local schools.

Strategically too, your organization would gain NRA adherents by shifting to the impoverishing national War Machine, the great siphon of social needs, and engender a less personal and incendiary target that would not stir up constitutional debates and draining arguing and the animosity of a large group of peace.

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