Rubio Shames Ted Cruz Into Speaking Spanish During The GOP Debate (VIDEO)

During Saturday’s Republican Debate, the fireworks were flying between Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio over immigration. At one point Rubio made a stinging remark referencing Cruz’s disconnect with his Latino culture.

During the debate, Cruz continuously slammed Rubio over his support of an immigration reform bill in 2013, which he characterized as an amnesty bill. Rubio fired back, calling into question Cruz’s integrity, remarking that the senator had flip-flopped his position since 2013.

“He either wasn’t telling the truth then or isn’t telling the truth now,” Rubio said.

Cruz continued his attack, adding that Rubio appeared on Univision (the country’s most popular Spanish language television station) and promised in Spanish that he would not reverse President Obama’s executive action on immigration.

That’s when Rubio launched this zinger.

“I don’t know how he knows what I said on Univision because he doesn’t speak Spanish.”

The shocked Texas senator turned, stood up straight with indignation, and deadpanned back at Rubio.

“Ahora mismo, díselo ahora en español si quieres,” which translates to, “Right now, tell them now in Spanish if you want.”

Rubio ignored the challenge and continued his attack.

“For a number of weeks,” he said, “Cruz has “just been telling lies… He lies about all sorts of things.”

The fight between Cruz and Rubio seems to have taken a new turn. Rubio may launch a new attack strategy focused on Cruz’s disconnect with Latinos because it’s clear that exchange got under the Texas senator’s skin.

Cruz is generally regarded as one of the most disciplined candidates in the Republican race; he usually has a cool and calm demeanor. However, last night may have exposed a crack in his armour, and it’s going to be fun watching the other candidates exploit it. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.


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