POLL: Americans Deliver Brutal Verdict On President Donald Trump’s Racism

Defenders of Donald Trump like to say that the President is the “least racist person ever,” parroting a line from his stump speeches and TV interviews.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), not many Americans agree.

A new poll from Pew Research indicates that fewer than 10% of American citizens think that the Trump presidency has made race relations better, while an astounding 60% say that it has made racial division worse.

Those numbers stand in sharp contrast to not only past Presidents, but also to how Americans felt when Trump was taking office. A Pew survey at the time indicated that 25% of citizens thought Trump’s rule would lead to improved race relations.

The national survey was conducted Nov. 29-Dec. 4 among 1,503 adults. Sadly, it also finds that the public has negative views of the overall state of race issues in the U.S.

56% say race relations are generally bad, while only 38% say they are generally good. That’s a 6% increase in negative response from the previous poll taken in early 2017.

Over the same period, the share saying that too little attention is paid to race and racial issues also has risen. Today, 44% say too little attention is paid to racial issues, while 32% say there is too much focus on race; 19% say about the right amount of attention is paid to racial issues.

The Pew survey also finds that a majority (65%) believe there are “very strong” or “strong” conflicts between blacks, whites and other races.

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