Planned Parenthood Gives Carly Fiorina The Goodbye Message She Deserves (TWEETS)

Carly Fiorina’s hopes to become the first female president of the U.S. have been blown to smithereens. She announced that she was ending her campaign after pathetic showings in New Hampshire and Iowa, and tried to paint herself as a feminist in the farewell message she posted to her Facebook page on Wednesday. Some are sad to see her go, but then again, some others are not.

Planned Parenthood is positively gleeful that she’s gone, as well they should be. She spent an awful lot of time on the campaign trail smearing them, and using those lying videos from the anti-choice Center for Medical Progress as her “proof” that they are up to no good. She was called on the carpet for that multiple times, and doubled down on the “evidence” in the videos every single time. So Planned Parenthood, in their farewell message to Fiorina, said:

Yep, it certainly does seem that she can’t lie blatantly like that and expect to be president. Even Ted Cruz hasn’t said much about Planned Parenthood lately, though there’s still a petition on his site asking people to support defunding it.

Others are crowing in glee about Fiorina’s departure, too:

Evidence is mounting that David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress are pursuing their extreme anti-choice agenda with lie after lie after lie, and yet, many conservatives continue to treat the videos as gospel truth, despite the courts taking that evidence seriously. Even John Kasich is set to sign a bill defunding Planned Parenthood in Ohio, despite the videos being proven false, and Ohio’s own investigation into whether Planned Parenthood threw fetal tissue into landfills turning up very little.

In fact, there hasn’t been anything against Planned Parenthood that has actually stuck, but Carly Fiorina very loudly proclaimed the videos to be the truth many times, even attacking interviewers who questioned her stance. She went so far as to tell CNN’s Chris Cuomo that there was evidence all over the place that the videos weren’t edited, let alone deceptively. She got sarcastic with a sickly sweet smile on her face, told him he should watch the videos for himself, and totally ignored him when he said, more than once, that he had watched them.

Planned Parenthood, and, by extension, women’s healthcare, has undergone a horrific attack because of those videos, and Carly Fiorina thought she could be president despite her rabid stance against the organization. They gave her the sendoff she deserved because of her contribution to that whole debacle, which still isn’t over.

Unfortunately, she’s down, but she may not be out. CNN says that her willingness to attack Hillary Clinton may well keep her in the running for a VP nod later on, after the primaries are over. At least her top aspirations are gone; perhaps what’s left of her tiny star will fade away, too.


Image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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