Paul Ryan Plans To ‘Punish’ House Democrats For The Gun Reform Sit-In

This is disgusting.

Remember that iconic gun control sit-in that House Democrats took place in over the summer? Republicans sure do: Speaker Paul Ryan and the GOP are now actively seeking ways to ‘punish’ House Democrats for their actions over the summer.

After the Orlando shooting, Democrats finally decided they’d had enough, and they took a strong stand for common-sense gun control legislation.

But Republicans apparently haven’t gotten over the embarrassment they had to face on the floor.  Several sources how now revealed that discussions are taking place to decide how to reprimand Democrats for their actions in June.

While all the details have not yet been sorted out, the GOP plans to discuss how they may be able to handle the matter when they come back into session after a summer recess.  Some sources indicate that a response could be on the floor by September.

What are the plans so far?  Apparently two primary possibilities are floating around:

The GOP has considered drafting and trying to pass a resolution which would speak to the sentiment that tactics such as the sit-in should not be allowed, and that measures will be provided to prevent them in the future.

Another option: They may try to mobilize to publicly rebuke Democrats, some of which they have accused of “intimidating” nonpartisan House staff during the sit-in.

One Republican says the measures taken will “protect the permanent employees of the House, who the Democrats treated with contempt.”

Democrats originally held the sit-in after Paul Ryan refused to hold a vote on a gun-control bill in the wake of the Orlando shooting.  The GOP fumed as the Democrats completely took over the floor of the House for 25 hours, receiving positive press and embarrassing Republicans all the way.

Republicans are now trying to claim that the Democrats created a dangerous precedent by overstepping rules that have applied in the House for 250 years.  Furthermore, they say that staff complained that some Democrats “bullied” floor employees, in one instance knocking something out of a staffers hand who was trying to reduce the chaos.

It wouldn’t be particularly surprising if nothing came out of this attempt to reprimand the Democrats than more positive press for the Democrats.  After all, seeing how positive the response was to the sit-in overall, many people will likely see the GOP’s attempt to bring this issue back up as a bit pathetic.

Furthermore, the Democrats main point was this: the national gun violence crisis is a serious, serious issue.  When Paul Ryan refused to allow a vote on the floor, Democrats felt warranted in taking radical action.

More than likely, a huge chunk of America will think the were warranted too, and they’ll see the GOP as the real bullies.



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