Paul Ryan Gets Destroyed At Town Hall – Man Tells Him President Obama Saved His Life

Paul Ryan was presented with his very first question at a town hall forum hosted by CNN on Thursday, and a former Republican stood up telling the Speaker of the House that Obamacare saved his life.

He had a “very curable form” cancer but doctors were telling him he only had weeks to live without care. Because of the ACA, he was able to get the treatment he needed. That’s why he was able to stand up at the town hall forum that night.

Paul Ryan tried his best to counter – first reading off a bunch of statistics about the cost of premiums (and how they are rising) but he failed to mention that Republicans, just one day prior, voted to repeal even the most lauded and popular provisions of Obamacare. That includes pre-existing conditions and letting children stay on their parent’s plan.

But – what Ryan said next is what’s causing everyone to start talking. He tells him to go to “our website” and take a look at Republican’s Plan.

Really? We just did. At (the Republican Party website) it’s only 7 paragraphs long. And – all it really says is that it wants to return control to the states. It goes into a tirade about “consumer choice” but before Obamacare, Americans supposedly had choices then, too, but healthcare costs continued to climb. That’s why America made healthcare their number one priority in 2008, and why President Obama focused on it as his most important obstacle for the American people.

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