Panicked Trump Supporters Push ‘Ban The Bimbo’ Petition Against Megyn Kelly

The next GOP debate that Fox News is hosting is on March 3, and Donald Trump has said he’ll participate, perhaps because he realized that not participating in the Jan 31 debate hurt him in Iowa. However, as with the last two Fox News debates, Megyn Kelly will be moderating, and that has Trump supporters so up in arms that they’re actually trying to petition Fox News to ban her. Some are going so far as to call the effort “Ban the Bimbo.”

The petition itself is laughable, saying, in part:

“Megyn Kelly has proven in the last two debates that she has moderated to be Biased [sic] towards certain candidates on the stage. An individual with a strong bias towards candidates running in this election should not be allowed to moderate, as we the people decide our candidate. Not a Journalist/News Anchor.

Due to these reasons, we the people, don’t want Reporter Kelly, to moderate the debate located in Michigan on March 3rd, or any FOX debate until she understands that being a moderator of a debate requires you to treat everyone fairly, rather than having a bias [sic] opinion towards other individuals.”

They also have a goal of only 500 signatures. We have to wonder why their goal is so low – maybe they know they won’t actually get much support for this, especially with people pushing the “Ban the Bimbo” slogan across the Internet. Or maybe they actually think that 500 signatures is enough to sway Roger Ailes, to whom the petition is addressed.

It’s true that Megyn Kelly is hard on the candidates, but these Trump supporters bought Donald Trump’s line that she’s biased lock, stock and barrel. They’re afraid that if she’s allowed to moderate, she’ll make him look really bad this time. In the August 6 debate, she hammered Trump on his sexist attitude towards women. Trump didn’t like that, and he’s been after her ever since, claiming she was unfair, and Fox News was unfair, and everyone was unfair. Whine, whine, whine.

That’s what these Trump supporters are doing now. They’re whining. They don’t believe sexism and misogyny are issues, like they probably think racism is a thing of the past because of the Civil Rights Act and subsequent anti-discrimination laws. The “bimbo” label is something sexists apply to women who don’t act as they’re “supposed” to, although it’s definitely not the only label applied to strong women.

What they seem to want is someone who will lob easy questions at the candidates in general, and at Trump in specific. Trump has a very hard time with hard questions, more so than other candidates, it seems. He doesn’t have any sound policy and doesn’t like having that questioned. He doesn’t have strong credentials reaching out to marginalized groups (or really, with anything), and despite his bluster, he probably knows that. When a woman calls him on the carpet for his weaknesses, it’s a threat to his manliness, and he reacts by trying to destroy the woman who dared to emasculate him in front of the entire country like that.

For her part, Kelly appeared on ABC News and said that she hopes Trump is there this time.

At the time of this posting, they’d managed to get just over 300 signatures. Surely, 500 signatures is more than enough to get Roger Ailes to acquiesce to the whims of Trump and his supporters and pull Megyn Kelly. Oh, wait. If Trump himself couldn’t do it, this petition and its paltry number of signatories won’t, either. This is almost theatrical.


Images of Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump via screen capture from first GOP debate

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