Newt Gingrich Jumps Ship, Calls Trump ‘Little’ And ‘Pathetic’ On National TV (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich is supposed to be an adviser to Donald Trump’s campaign. His advice was sharply critical, however, when Gingrich spoke about the Republican presidential candidate on October 13’s broadcast of Fox Business.

Criticizing Trump for recent comments he made about House Speaker Paul Ryan, Gingrich said:

“The little Trump is frankly pathetic.”

On October 12, Trump attacked Ryan for perceived lack of support following the last presidential debate. He told an audience at an Ocala, Florida rally:

“Wouldn’t you think Paul Ryan would call and say, ‘good going’? You’d think they’d say, ‘Great going, Don. Let’s go, let’s beat this crook. Let’s beat her. We’ve got to stop her.’ No, he doesn’t do that.”

Trump even insinuated that Ryan was plotting against his presidential campaign.

“There’s a whole deal going on. We’re going to figure it out. I always figure things out. There’s a whole sinister deal.”

That’s what inspired Gingrich’s response of “pathetic” regarding “little Trump” on the following day. He told Fox Business this morning:

“Donald Trump has one opponent. Her name is Hillary Clinton. Her name is not Paul Ryan. It’s not anybody else.”

Witness his criticism in this brief video:

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The former Georgia representative endorsed Trump back in May, and with apparent hopes that Gingrich could be his running mate. In July, he even criticized Ted Cruz for “betrayal” because the Texas senator had yet to also endorse Trump.

Gingrich began distancing himself from The Donald in August, however, when he endorsed Sen. John McCain for re-election after Trump sharply criticized McCain’s military service.

Featured image by John Somers II/Getty Images

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