Museum Turns Down Trump After He Asks For Van Gogh Painting, Humiliates Him With Another Offer

President Donald Trump asked the Guggenheim museum in New York for a special favor. He was wanting to borrow an original Van Gogh painting entitled “Landscape with Snow” to hang in his private living quarters in the White House.

The museum’s chief curator, Nancy Spector is not a Trump fan. She not only declined the president’s request, according to an email obtained by the Washington Post but offered him something else instead: An 18-karat gold toilet.

“We are sorry not to be able to accommodate your original request,” she told Trump, “but remain hopeful that this special offer may be of interest.”

Per the Post:

“The artist “would like to offer it to the White House for a long-term loan,” wrote Spector, who has been critical of Trump. “It is, of course, extremely valuable and somewhat fragile, but we would provide all the instructions for its installation and care.”

Cattelan, who created the toilet, reached by phone in New York, referred questions about the toilet to the Guggenheim, saying with a chuckle, “It’s a very delicate subject.” Asked to explain the meaning of his creation and why he offered it to the Trumps, he said, “What’s the point of our life? Everything seems absurd until we die and then it makes sense.”

The museum garnered national attention after they installed the fully-functional toilet in the museum on its fifth floor over a year ago. Hundreds of thousands of people are said to have already used the toilet.

Now, Trump is a known germaphobe. However much he might like gold toilets, it certainly wasn’t what he asked for, and he wasn’t about to accept such an offer after thousands of people have already literally shit in the thing. That’s what’s so funny about the counter-offer.

We’re not sure what Trump’s response was, but he couldn’t have been happy. Trump likes to get what he wants and probably wasn’t expecting to be turned down as a sitting president for such a small request.

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