Megyn Kelly Is Officially Leaving Fox News – Turns Down Fox In Favor Of A Non-Sexist Workplace

Megyn Kelly is finally leaving Fox News after a tumultuous period that saw Roger Ailes ousted from the network just a few months ago amid allegations that he sexually harassed his female co-workers.

In her recently released book, which is reportedly causing more tension with Fox executives, she revealed startling new details admitting that she herself was a victim of harassment in the workplace. Ailes reportedly offered to advance her career “in exchange for sexual favors,” and according to Kelly even implied that he would not renew her contract as long as she refused his advances.

Even though Ailes had to leave his post at Fox, the sexual harassment is apparently a part of corporate culture there, happening over the course of many instances as far back as she can remember during her tenure there.

She turned turn a $20 million megadeal from Fox News and is deciding to take less money ($5 million dollars less to be exact) in order to work for NBC. She will host her own daytime news and discussion program, anchor an in-depth Sunday night news show and take an active role in other special political programming.


NBC has yet to officially announce the deal, but is expected to do so imminently according to the New York Times.

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The departure is a huge blow for the network that she’s been at for the last 12 years. Kelly is the second-most watched host on television and attracts a huge following. But – it appears the network is already in a tight spot by keeping her on. She has consistently attacked Fox News and their political pro-Trump message.

While discussing her new book Settle for More, she released this one major fact that calls Trump and his campaign’s credibility completely into question.

She says that Trump conspired with certain conservative reporters in advance of their show (implying Fox), prepping him on certain questions that were designed to be a hit on him, so he could counter them in a very strong way. She says the purpose of this was to make it appear that there was an air of credibility in their show.

“(Pro-Trump TV hosts) would arrange with Trump in advance to ask him certain critical questions or do certain hits on him so they would appear to have some credibility.”

Her Fox colleague then asked if she means they were “play-acting.” Kelly responded, “Yes. It was acting.”

Despite attacking the network – Fox still wanted to keep her. But – Megyn is only still working there because of her current contract. When it expires in the summer she’s headed to NBC. It’s official now.

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