James Comey Just Made A Stunning Claim About What Trump’s Own Chief Of Staff Said

President Trump’s Chief of Staff, John Kelly, who was head of the Department of Homeland Security when former FBI Director James Comey was fired, reportedly threatened to quit.

This news is coming from James Comey himself in a new book that’s about to come out called A Higher Loyalty.

According to sources who read the book before its release, Kelly called Comey just minutes after word got out that he was being fired and was very “emotional” in the manner that Trump let him go.

Comey states that Kelly was “sick” about the whole ordeal and “intended to quit” to protest.

Get this, though: Kelly “said he didn’t want to work for dishonorable people,” meaning President Trump.

Those are some pretty big words. Just wait till Trump hears about this. 

“The revelations conveyed by Comey threaten to cause a firestorm within the White House, further complicating an already tenuous relationship between Kelly and Trump.”

CNN first reported about the phone call last year, according to the Daily Beast.

Comey is set to give an exclusive interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday night at 10/9c.

In the interview he asks Comey a number of questions that are likely to get as much or even more attention than Stormy Daniels interview with 60 Minutes that received 22 million views from around the country.

Not long after that interview aired, the FBI raided the home and offices of Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen looking for more information relating to the payment Daniels received from Cohen and whether Trump knew about it.

Sources present at the taping said that it is “going to shock the president and his team.”

Comey also referred to Trump as a “mob boss” in the preview that ABC released and is said to reveal things about the president that has never been made public before.

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