Guess What The Top Story On Fox News Is Right Now As Trump Deals With Explosive New Allegations

Conservatives are fond of saying that most blue-collar Republicans in Ohio do not care about Russia any longer. Perhaps that’s true, but here’s something even more self-evident:

Nobody in the entire world cares about Hillary Clinton’s emails in January, 2018.

Yet that’s exactly the story Fox News ran on its prime-time Hannity broadcast on Wednesday night.

Yes, once again Sean Hannity welcomed a motley crew of conservative wing-nuts to snap, crackle and pop-off about Hillary Clinton and the long by-gone Clinton email investigation…a matter settled over a year ago by the FBI.

Well, something had to replace “Benghazi!” But consider what other breaking news Fox could have been covering:

“Trump threatens to launch nukes at North Korea In Twitter rant”

“Feinstein sends letters asking Fox News talking head to testify on Russia collusion”

“Steve Bannon calls Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner treasonous”

or how about:

“New book claims Donald Trump didn’t even want to win the Presidency.”

Hmm. That all seems newsworthy indeed, compared to an investigation that has been closed for a year, and will remain that way thanks to Sean Hannity’s lack of involvement in the Justice Department.

Twitter users reacted to Fox’s partisan gaffe with slack jaws:

A noteworthy meme was posted in response to Rogue’s screenshot of “Fair and Balanced” Fox News:

Fox News has a long history of being biased in favor of Trump, or any Republican POTUS, while unfairly attempting to tarnish Democrats in the White House.

“Watch dog” groups such as Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting and Media Matters for America have documented Fox News bias over the years. The ratio of conservative to non-conservative guests strongly favors the Right. The network was also accused of stacking the deck for GOP candidate Rudy Giuliani due to a financial tie-in with the New York politician.

Later, Obama was slammed incessantly on Fox airwaves for out-of-context remarks on religion and gun control.

More recently, Fox has been biased toward Trump and against Hillary Clinton. When anchors on other cable news networks say that conservatives in Washington are cooperating with a “media campaign” against Robert Mueller and Federal intelligence agencies, they are referring not-so-subtly to Fox News.

Fox’s talk and variety shows, such as Tucker Carlson Tonight and The Greg Gutfeld Show, are tinged with a conservative overtone and pro-Trump hype as opposed to the travelogue shows of CNN or the crime-drama interview broadcasts of MSNBC.

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