Giuliani Just Hurled Insults At Stormy’s Attorney – But His Response Is Breaking The Internet

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney is absolutely unwilling to debate Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti.

After being challenged to a fair one-on-one TV duel, Giuliani replied that that he wouldn’t even do it for $10 million.

“It would be very helpful for the public to witness a discussion between Mr. Giuliani and me concerning the facts of the case, etc.,” Avenatti tweeted Tuesday. “I am willing to participate on any network provided both sides are provided a fair shake. I am also willing to do it on 12-hrs notice.”

Not only did Giuliani refuse the offer outright, he also decided to bring out the insults. He referred to Avenatti, a lawyer by trade, as “pimping for money.”

“I don’t get involved with pimps,” Giuliani said. “The media loves to give him room because he makes these roundabout charges and they turn out to mean nothing. I think he’s going to get himself in serious trouble.”

It’s true. Stormy Daniel’s attorney has been hitting the airwaves a lot lately. If you want to refer to that as “pimping,” go ahead. Another way to describe that would be representing his client to the best of his ability.

While that might involve him getting a ton of free advertising and name clout, it still involves doing what he was paid for in his official job as an attorney. If only everyone were that lucky when they needed help in a civil suit.

If Giuliani really wanted to hit Avenatti where it hurt, though, we have a funny suspicion that didn’t work. Giuliani largely refrained from commenting on the specifics of the case and even Michael Cohen, who has went into hiding since the allegations, is remaining quiet.

This strategy by Giuliani is largely meant to distract we believe. He went on to explain why he won’t debate Avenatti.

“I think he’s got a lot of explaining to do,” Giuliani said. I wouldn’t debate him because it wouldn’t be fair.” He added, “I debate, like, really intelligent, skilled people,”like famed attorney Alan Dershowitz.

“I know Alan Dershowitz,” Giuliani said. “He’s no Alan Dershowitz.”

Not to be outdone with the name calling, Avenatti shot back on Twitter with his official response:

Hey Rudy – It turns out I’m not the only “pimp” you have experience with. History evidently repeating itself.”

Avenatti then included a link to a video of Giuliani dressed in drag showing him being seduced by Donald Trump.

Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Can anyone really take Rudy serious after seeing this?

What do you think? Why is Giuliani refusing to talk to him about this one-on-one on television?

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