Fox News Releases Video (That They Say) Proves Trump Really Didn’t Mock Reporter’s Disability

Fox News is basically a surrogate of Donald Trump’s campaign for president – let’s just get that out of the way. For anyone doubting this, they just released a video of Trump doing several impressions over the last year, that they say proves Trump is just bad at impressions – and that he probably wasn’t even mocking a reporter’s disability last November.

They claim that this video compilation (below) proves that Donald Trump has used similar impressions over the course of the campaign trail. They also linked to a video from a 2005 Larry King interview that he did alongside his wife Melania, that also shows him not doing a very good impression, either.

We will be the first ones to admit – it definitely does look like Trump is just bad at impressions. We’re actually thankful Fox News made the compilation – it was very funny to watch.

This might prove that Trump has mocked people before in a very similar way, however, what Fox fails to mention is that Trump tried to pretend he didn’t know the reporter was disabled and that’s already been proven to be a false statement. Nice try, Fox.

Trump also tried to claim that he didn’t even know Kovaleski at all, but he closely covered Trump’s troubled business dealings while he was a reporter for the N.Y. Daily News between 1987 and 1993. They were even on a first-name basis with each other according to the Washington Post. They spoke with each other a countless number of times at press conferences and Trump even invited the reporter into his personal office. It would be virtually impossible for Trump to not know he was disabled.

So – thanks, Fox News – for giving us this compilation video of very bad Trump impressions. The only problem is, it doesn’t prove anything.

Featured Image via Getty Images.


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