Federal Court Rules Against Trump (Again), Tells Him To Sit Down

News about the Trump White House has been coming at such a rapid pace that it’s easy to forget Trump’s effort to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

The battle is still being fought in court. But liberals can celebrate the latest ruling on the Travel Ban, in which a Court of Appeals stood up for immigrants and visitors from the affected nations.

On Friday, a panel from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the third iteration of President Trump’s ban, stating that the measure violates Federal law and exceeds executive authority.

“We conclude that the President’s issuance of the Proclamation once again exceeds the scope of his delegated authority,” the Court stated in its decision.

The most recent version of the ban prevents visitors from eight countries – including several Muslim-majority locations – from coming to America.

However, the court also ruled that the current administration may continue to ban people from Africa and the Middle East who do not have a relationship or connection to anyone in the United States.

The ruling will be put on hold pending a review by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Supreme Court attorney Neal Katyal led a jubilant group of activists hailing the decision on social media:

More from The Hill:

In the ruling, the court said that “the Proclamation’s indefinite entry suspensions constitute nationality discrimination in the issuance of immigrant visas,” and that it discriminates against travelers and immigrants in the same vein as Trump’s previous travel bans.

The Trump administration has pushed for a travel ban since January, which it says is necessary to safeguard national security. But each iteration of the ban has run into legal disputes, prompting the administration to issue increasingly narrow orders that could muster legal challenges.

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