EARTHQUAKE: Virginia Turns Blue After 17 Years In Stunning Rejection Of Trump’s GOP Party

Republicans have bragged that even though liberals are winning big races in swing states like Virginia, the overwhelming majority of state legislatures and local political chairs are owned by the GOP.

That could be changing in a hurry.

In a dramatic recount decided by one – count it, one – vote, Democratic candidate Shelly Simonds has won her race for the Virginia legislature and ended 17 years of Republican control over the governing body.

Simonds has been credited with 11,608 votes to GOP incumbent David Yancey’s 11,607 votes in Virginia’s 94th House District. The amazing result means that Democrats and Republicans will have a 50-50 split in the House of Delegates and must share “majority” powers when the House reconvenes.

Republicans had held a 66-34 advantage in the House, but Democrats are surging and have picked up 16 seats.

No doubt that the current string of victories in the state are a rejection of President Trump’s dark vision.

Dem leaders are hoping that the takeover of a formerly Republican body will lead to better health-care options for Virginia citizens. “We are one vote closer to expanding Medicaid and extending access to affordable health care to nearly 400,000 people,” delegate David Toscano told a reporter from Politico. “Let’s get this done.”

Governor-elect Ralph Northam ran on a promise to expand Medicaid — but has faced criticism from both sides of aisle after remarking that his goal is to find a middle ground between the goals of the two parties.

Democratic pressure soon forced Northam to reconsider.

“I have and will continue to advocate for Medicaid expansion because it is a no-brainer for Virginia families, our budget and our economy,” said the Gubernatorial election winner.

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