Colbert Features Trump vs Trump Debate And It Crushes The Fox News Republican Debate (VIDEO)

When GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump opted to boycott the Fox News debate on Thursday, Steven Colbert seized the opportunity to deliver more Trump than any human being should consume in a one-minute segment. Colbert decided to moderate a debate between Donald Trump and Donald Trump.

Colbert defended Trump’s decision not to attend the Fox debates.

“Why would he want to practice going head to head with a strong blonde woman,” Colbert said with a photo of Hillary Clinton beside Trump.

After reading a statement in which Fox News mocked Trump for skipping their debate, Colbert joked:

“We all know he brings huge ratings. After all, he is the star of this year’s top reality show ‘Celebrity-a-President.’”

Colbert wisely calculated that since Trump wouldn’t participate in the Fox debate, then 24 million viewers would be “up for grabs.” He said if Fox didn’t grab them, then he sure as hell would.

So Colbert decided to moderate “The 2016 Top Trump Tremendous All-You-Can-Trump Luxury Presidential Debate.”

The debate was a collection of Trump flip-flops and political paradoxes that would have long ago killed any other campaign, but Trump has managed to prove so far that nothing he says or does really matters to his supporters.

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