Chris Matthews Caught Talking About Trump’s Wife On A Hot Mic (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews, the host of MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” really should be more careful about whether his mic is on before he makes certain comments. Just before Donald Trump delivered his victory speech in Indiana, as Melania joined him on stage, Matthews was caught on a hot mic making, shall we say, some lecherous comments about her while covering her husband’s primary victory. Trump’s campaign has worked hard to make sure she’s seen as a successful businesswoman in her own right, and there’s Chris Matthews, host of a news show, acting like a teenage boy on the air.

The worst and most embarrassing part of this is that there’s another anchor talking over him, meaning he’d just been really careless about his mic. To actually hear him takes some listening, but we have to ask: Did he seriously not realize that his mic was still on when he said this?

“Did you see her walk? Runway walk. My god, that is good. I could watch that runway show.”

Listen to him be a creepy old man below:

Unfortunately, this is far from the first time that Matthews has gotten creepy like this on the air (although it might be the first time he was caught being this way on a hot mic). While introducing Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on his show awhile back, his initial line of questioning was along the lines of, “Where have you been the last few months?” and he said things like, “I’ve been missing you.” Apparently, she seemed surprised by this line of questioning, as any woman who wasn’t expecting it would be.

In 2007, he got really inappropriate on camera with Erin Burnett, which apparently made her rather uncomfortable:

MATTHEWS: Could you get a little closer to the camera?

BURNETT: My — what is it? Is it zooming in strangely?

MATTHEWS: Come on in closer. No, come in — come in further — come in closer. Really close.

BURNETT: What are you — what are you doing?

MATTHEWS: Just kidding! You look great! Anyway, thanks. Erin, it’s great to — look at that look. You’re great.

BURNETT: I don’t even know. I’m going to have to go look at the tape here. I’m in a strange location.

MATTHEWS: No, you’re beautiful. I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. You’re a knockout. Anyway, thank you, Erin Burnett.

BURNETT: All right, Chris. See you later.

Those are things that are most appropriately reserved for private, consensual conversations, not television news shows. Chris Matthews can be great when he actually grills someone (especially if that someone is Republican), but his attitude towards women seems to skew way towards the “creepy old man” side of things. It’s also quite sexist of him to comment on women’s appearances this way, and to talk to them in this manner.

According to CNN, a spokesperson for Melania Trump had something to say about Matthews’ words:

“[Melania Trump is] an accomplished businesswoman and entrepreneur in her own right, [and it is] unfortunate to see the continuous inaccuracies and misrepresentations made by the media of Mrs. Trump as anything less than the independently successful woman that she is.”

Say what you will about Donald Trump and his wife, but this was just flat-out disgusting. And to be careless enough to be caught on a hot mic while someone else was speaking on the air is just idiotic. This is probably the worst that Matthews has ever embarrassed himself over women on the air.


Image by Larry French/Getty Images

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