Carly Fiorina Finally Said Something True (But Donald Trump Won’t Like It)

Carly Fiorina (well, like all the Republican presidential candidates) isn’t exactly known for telling the truth in her campaign spiels. Take her recent “Obamacare isn’t helping anyone” claim that Politifact rated as a “pants on fire” lie, or the silly line about women amounting to 92 percent of all unemployed.

You’ll be surprised by one blatant truth she recently offered to a conservative political writer, however. Fiorina’s statement was 100-percent fact. And that fact might not sit too well with another Republican presidential candidate.

In an interview with S.E. Cupp, published January 12 by Glamour Magazine, Fiorina said:

“Look, Donald Trump is controversial. Donald Trump is entertaining. (But) Donald Trump is not a leader, and I do not think Donald Trump will be our nominee.

“If he were, Hillary Clinton would wipe the floor with him.”

And Fiorina’s right! All the polls, even ones done by right-leaning companies like Rasmussen, predict Clinton would win against Trump in a general election. So would Bernie Sanders, recent polling says. Shoot, given the fact that a white supremacist group is now running paid ads for his campaign in Iowa, it won’t be long before even your dog could beat Trump.

What Fiorina apparently overlooked in the interview, however, is that she would lose to both Clinton and Sanders, too, according to the most recent head-to-head polls. (Those particular Fiorina v. Clinton and Fiorina v. Sanders polls aren’t that recent, though. And that’s because the failed HP exec ranks far too low – a distant eighth place among all GOP presidential candidates – to be included in head-to-head polls any longer.)

That true statement in the interview doesn’t mean Fiorina’s cleaned up her act, however. Other comments she offered were false, as Cupp notes in her write-up. For example, when asked for details on her argument to defund Planned Parenthood, Fiorina said “mostly what they do is refer women to other people,” and that community health centers could be used instead for the services Planned Parenthood already provides.

Both claims are wrong, Cupp points out. Regarding those false statements, Cupp reports with documentation that:

“STD testing and treatment and contraceptive services—none of which involve referrals—accounted for 76 percent of (Planned Parenthood’s) services.”


“According to a Congressional Budget Office analysis, if Planned Parenthood were stripped of its federal funding, up to 650,000 who use its services could lose access to care—care that experts say community health centers could not absorb.”

So at least Fiorina bounced back to her true (and lying) self before the interview was over.


Featured image by Michael Vadon

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