BREAKING: Trump’s Favorite Sheriff Just Got Busted By The FBI

In a story filled with irony, Trump surrogate and former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is now under investigation by the FBI, according to reporter Robert Snell of Detroit News. 

Snell described his knowledge of the search warrant in a series of tweets. The FBI will reportedly examine emails and text messages sent by Clarke related to an ugly incident at Milwaukee Airport last January.

A man identified as Dan Black filed a complaint against Sheriff Clarke in which he claimed to have been unlawfully detained, having asked Mr. Clarke if it was “really him” while boarding a flight.

Part of the complaint shows just how innocent the Black’s behavior was toward Clarke:

Yet Clarke allegedly had the man detained, then purportedly sent a text message to a Captain to interview the man who filed the complaint, but not to make an arrest “unless he becomes an asshole.”

The Clarke case is reportedly being treated by law-enforcement officials as a possible Civil Rights violation. Clarke appears to have bullied Black at several points, according to Daily Beast:

Clarke, a vocal Trump surrogate, had a minor disagreement with fellow passenger Dan Black on a Milwaukee-bound plane. Clarke texted one of his officers, asking him to detain Black when the plane landed. “Just a field interview, no arrest unless he becomes an asshole with your guys,” Clarke texted, according to the FBI affidavit.

Six officers and two police dogs met Black at the plane’s exit, Black wrote in an official complaint. The affidavit also reveals that Clarke emailed subordinates asking them to post “memes and messages” including one calling Black a “snowflake” on the official Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Facebook page.

The sheriff may not be allowed to walk free when the case is settled. Former Federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti explains:

Clarke has appeared often on Fox News as an advocate of President Trump’s “law and order” message.

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