BREAKING: Trump’s Chief Of Staff Just Spilled The Beans On Resignation Story

Every time a scandal breaks out in the Trump administration, President Trump, his lawyers, and his officials do their best to try and put out the fires.

Many times that includes deny, deny, deny, no matter how truthful a report may be. This has become an almost daily experience.

Now – to cause insult to injury – President Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly just provided evidence of this (albeit on accident perhaps) after it was reported that Trump went off on Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for nearly 30 minutes, berating her on her job performance on the border.

Because of this she was said to have drafted a resignation letter and contemplating leaving, but this was immediately denied by the administration.

Tyler Q. Houlton, Press Secretary for the DHS, said the New York Times report was “false.” That was a total lie on his part.

Kelly, however, in an interview with Fox News’ John Robert said that he had to call Secretary Nielsen in order to calm her down and make sure she wouldn’t resign.

Looks like Kelly just completely contradicted the administration’s statement on the matter. Can we trust anything this administration says?

“I just have to laugh at John Roberts discussion of his conversation with John Kelly, the chief of staff, because the White House is pushing back and DHS is pushing back on the notion that Secretary Nielsen was on the verge of quitting,” Wallace remarked.

“And now Kelly says to our own John Roberts — good reporting — ‘I wanted to call her to make sure she wasn’t going to quit.’ So I guess the cover story didn’t hold very long,” he added.

Watch below:

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