BREAKING: Trump Shuts Down Normal Daily Operations At White House Till They Find Rat

Following a leak from the White House that one of its staffers made fun of Senator John McCain “being close to death,” the Trump administration is in a panic trying to figure out who ratted out the individual.

Because of this they are shutting down their staff meetings, and choosing to just not hold opportunities to communicate at all.

The meeting used to bring together some 30 communications members in the West Wing, but that meeting didn’t take place on Thursday or the two days prior to that according to the New York Times.

Right now the White House is refusing to discuss why they are panicking, calling it an “internal matter,” but it’s no secret what is going on.

Just one day earlier Press Secretary Sarah Sanders threw a fit on Fox News, saying: “the so-called leakers” should be fired.

“We fired people over leaking before — I’ve personally fired people over leaking before — and we certainly would be very willing to do so again,”

The White House has also taken other extreme measures to try and root out the “leakers.” In addition to banning phones, they have even installed machines in the hallways to detect unauthorized cell phones in the area. Yet – no matter what President Trump or his partners in crime do, they can’t stop it.

Deputy press secretary Raj Shah feels frustrated by the entire ordeal.

“If you aren’t able, in internal meetings, to speak your mind or convey thoughts or say anything that you feel without feeling like your colleagues will betray you, that creates a very difficult work environment,” Shah said from the podium in the briefing room Monday. “I think anybody who works anywhere can recognize that.”

What’s funny is, senior aides in the Trump administration are more concerned about the leaks than what the leaks are actually about. Senator John McCain deserves an apology yet hasn’t received one from this White House.

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