BREAKING: Senate ‘Receives Information’ On Trump’s Main Guy, Compelling Him To Testify

A ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee has just ‘received information’ regarding Trump’s main guy, Dan Scavino, in charge of all of his social media operations.

The charges allege that Scavino corresponded with Russian nationals regarding Trump’s campaign social media efforts. Senator Dianne Feinstein is now compelling him to testify before the Senate.

Scavino, a former golf caddie of Trump’s and frequent Fox News guest who acts an attack dog for President Trump on Twitter, has not responded to reporters’ requests for comment.

Senator Dianne Feinstein sent a pair of letters on Wednesday, one to Scavino’s office and another to Brad Parscale, Trump’s director of digital operations during the 2016 campaign.

Feinstein asked Scavino to testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee on the grounds that he “may have corresponded with Russian nationals regarding Trump campaign social media efforts.”

The California senator’s letter to Parscale asked the former director to turn over documents related to contacts with either Kremlin officials or international anti-Clinton journalists such as Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.

Feinstein’s letters cite the intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help President Trump, which involved use of social media “bots” to spread disinformation and conservative slogans.

Rumors became reality this week when Vkontakte, a major Russian social media company, was revealed by the Judiciary Committee to have contacted Scavino in 2016.

Konstantin Sidorkov, Vkontakte’s director of partnership marketing, received a reply from Scavino asking for more information. No reliable information is available on the nature or frequency of further communications between Scavino and Sidorkov, but the dots seem to connect.

For instance, Scavino’s link with the Russian tech giant was British music publicist Rob Goldstone, who manufactured the meeting between Kremlin lawyers and Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner during the campaign.

Parscale, especially, may be on the hook for lying to Congress if his past statements turn out to be false.

For instance, the digital director posted this tweet last summer:

Meanwhile, liberal activists on Twitter are pointing out just how dangerous and subversive the Russian social media campaign was in 2016:

Holy crap indeed. Not only did “VK” want to help Trump defeat Clinton, the company didn’t mind seeing Americans pitted against one another…creating “White Lives Matter” rallies to attract radicals and racists to the streets.

Even worse…there may have been zealots in the Trump camp who welcomed the divisive Russian campaign.

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