BREAKING NEWS: Ted Cruz Drops Out Of Presidential Race After Realizing Nobody Likes Him (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz was so sure he could win Indiana, and then Donald Trump trounced him in the Indiana primary this evening. Following that major, humiliating defeat, Cruz has officially suspended his campaign. This announcement just came not too long after the networks called Indiana for Trump, and this, unfortunately, now makes Donald Trump the presumptive GOP nominee.

Cruz said, in his speech of defeat:

“From the beginning I’ve said that I would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. Tonight, I’m sorry to say, it appears that path has been foreclosed. The voters chose another path, and so with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign.”

Watch him give up below:

Earlier this week, a Trump supporter in Indiana said the the following to Cruz after a tense, seven minute discussion:

“We don’t want you. Do the math. You know you asked [John] Kasich to drop out. It’s your turn. Take your own words. Time to drop out, sir.”

The truth is that Ted Cruz didn’t really have a chance, even if Trump weren’t running. He tried to paint himself as a Reagan conservative; someone strong who could unite the party and actually get elected against Hillary Clinton, and he’s been flailing for awhile after a short surge of primary wins a few weeks ago. The truth is that he’s way too far to the right of Reagan, and, if he actually did his homework, would probably see Reagan as way too liberal for his tastes.

At the time of this posting, Trump had only tweeted a thank-you to Indiana after finding out that he was the projected winner there. When his opponents lose and drop out, that tends to be the one time he ever shows class, so perhaps he’ll actually stop calling Ted Cruz “Lyin’ Ted” now. It’ll be interesting to see whether Trump redesigns his campaign and reinvents himself in light of this.

The main question now, though, is whether Cruz will try and hold onto the delegates he’s got in an attempt to force a contested convention, the way Marco Rubio has been trying to do. Trump is dangerously close to locking up the nomination now, though, and Cruz’s hopes for a contested convention are probably gone. He’s too radical, too far right, and his choice of Carly Fiorina as VP was proof of that. Here’s hoping he doesn’t let the door hit him on the way out.


Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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