BREAKING: Michael Cohen Admits He Has Damaging Information On President Trump

President Trump’s long-time attorney Michael Cohen has been by his side for decades. The two of them are friends even.

Cohen has described himself as Trump’s “fixer” and has handled a number of off the books transactions and non-disclosure agreements for Trump since being employed at the Trump Organization.

Cohen’s offices and home were raided by the FBI weeks ago and since then it has been reported extensively that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is trying to build a case against him in order to go after his main target: Donald Trump.

Since that time, Cohen has largely remained silent and hired his own attorney to go on television for him while Stormy Daniel’s attorney Michael Avenatti has appeared on as many TV shows as possible.

Cohen broke some of that silence over the weekend when he told a friend, who then told the Daily News, that he was never going to rat out Trump.

“Someone of his character, he would rather go to jail than present information on Trump,” the friend said.

Cohen’s friend implied he had something on Trump, something that could send both of them to jail.

The friend also admitted that Cohen might have made a few mistakes as an attorney because he was working in areas that he never specialized in.

At this point, there’s no telling what Mueller has on Cohen or Trump, but the FBI raid seized several cell phones, text messages, and audio recordings. That’s a lot of personal evidence. Whatever it is, Cohen isn’t talking much, that’s for sure.

Also – Avenatti is adding to Cohen’s headaches. He released information and records showing that Cohen took millions of dollars from corporations that had business with the government in order to get influence with Trump, including a person connected with Putin.

Things are so bad that Trump has finally dropped Cohen as his attorney. Rudy Giuliani revealed that in an interview with Politico on Friday.

“As far as we know, he’s not,” Giuliani said. “And there’d be nothing for him to do right now.”

Remember what Trump said a month ago on Air Force One on April 5th when asked about legal questions?

“You have to ask Michael Cohen,” the president. “Michael’s my attorney and you’ll have to ask Michael.”

Looks like a lot of things change in a month.

Trump stated Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was  just a “witch hunt” and a political prop to make him look bad, but now even Trump is trying to distance himself from his “fixer.”

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