BREAKING: Democrats Nullify House Tax Vote In Heroic Last-Ditch Effort To Save America

House and Senate Republicans have been trying to push their tax cut for rich corporations through Congress as quickly as possible. That’s a clever strategy when so many concerned Americans are fighting them.

But nobody expected the Democrats to find a way to block the GOP at the last minute. As of Tuesday night, the minority party has somehow pulled it off…at least for the moment.

Dems have successfully used the “Byrd rule” to force Republicans in the House to pass the bill all over again. The development is at-least humiliating for the GOP, as they find their bill delayed in the House just as the Senate plans to vote on Tuesday evening.

Party leaders successfully convinced the Senate parliamentarian to rule that provisions in the bill violated the rules of the legislative body.

“Members are advised that we expect Senate Democrats to insist on a Byrd Point of Order on the Conference Report to Accompany H.R. 1, which is likely to be sustained,” GOP whip Steve Scalise told reporters.

House Republicans believed they had passed the tax plan earlier Tuesday, with the Senate poised to clear the bill on Tuesday night. Now, another vote will take place on Wednesday.

The Senate parliamentarian ruled that multiple provisions in the bill did not comply with the budget rules of reconciliation, which the GOP has been using to avoid a Democratic filibuster.

A House Ways and Means Committee spokesperson said “two minor provisions” would be removed from the Senate bill.

One of the provisions gave special tax-breaks to homeschooling parents, so its removal is a victory for all who support public education.

Repubs remain confident that the bill will reach President Trump’s desk soon, but Democrats have bought their constituents precious time to contact Congress and try to make the next vote turn out differently.

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