BREAKING: Cops Run Over Black Homeless Man With Their Squad Car (VIDEO)

Dashcam video has just been released showing Sacramento cops purposefully trying to run over and hit a black mentally-ill man with their squad car.

The video shows 51-year old Joseph Mann repeatedly crossing the street in order to avoid being hit by the vehicle, but the cops keep aiming for him with their car, instead of using other measures to detain him.

In the video, you can hear one of the cops saying “f*ck this guy. I am going to hit him.” The other officer responds “Okay. Go for it. Go for it.”

Now – sometimes cops have to do whatever they can to protect the public  – especially in extreme cases – but in this case, the homeless person was doing nothing that warranted this type of police behavior.

Eyewitnesses on the scene said that Mr. Mann was pointing his finger in the air before police were called and he “urinated in his pants,” all signs of mental disorder known in the homeless community. At one point, they said he took a knife and “threw it in the air” only to later catch it by the handle. This is what made them call the police. Another witness said he thought he saw a gun in the man’s waistband, but this proved to be untrue. There was no gun found on the scene.

When the cops were unable to hit him with their car, they then got out and fired 18 bullets at him – with 14 of them actually striking Mr. Mann.

For all of this, Officers Randy Lozoya and John Tennis are now on “modified duty.” They still have their jobs.

“They are officers that shouldn’t be in uniform,” Robert Mann, Joseph Mann’s brother, told the Sacramento Bee after learning about the audio. “If this is their state of mind when they go to work, this doesn’t serve anyone well.”

It almost doesn’t get any worse than this.

Watch here:

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