BREAKING: Campaign Donors To Trump – ‘We Want Our Money Back’

After recent public release of a lewd conversation he once had with “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush, many undecided voters quickly made up their minds: no Donald Trump for president.

But the negativity is reaching voters who did support Trump, too. And not just those who supported him, but even ones who made sizable donations to his campaign.

An unidentified fundraiser shared recently-received messages with NBC News on October 12. Those emails came from two donors who helped Trump’s campaign with tens of thousands of dollars. And both of those high-dollar donors now want their money back.

Wrote one:

“His comments in regards to the female gender are very childish and embarrassing in today’s society. How am I suppose (sic) to respect and support Mr. Trump with his attitude toward women? […] I expect a refund of my donation.”

Image from NBC News
Image from NBC News

The other donor wrote:

“As a father of two daughters preparing for marriage, I am repulsed by his comments regarding women. […] I respectfully request that my money be refunded.”

Image from NBC News
Image from NBC News

This campaign fundraiser, who spoke with NBC News under conditions of anonymity, is also bailing out on Trump. After raising over $1 million for the Republican presidential candidate, today he says:

“I’m embarrassed. I’m really embarrassed. I shook hands with him last week and now I want to wash my hand.”

He’s quitting the campaign, he told NBC, due to the recent vulgar revelation:

“I give up. I’m totally walking out and disappointed, and the last 72 hours I have lost sleep over it.”

The former fundraiser also suggested Trump change his campaign slogan. Instead of “Make America Great Again”:

“It should be ‘We’re Destroying America.’”

If these requests for refunds will be honored remains to be seen. Legal representatives of the Federal Election Commission told Groopspeak that candidates are not required to comply with such requests. And Trump spokesperson Jason Miller told NBC that the campaign was not aware of them.

So far in the campaign, Trump’s received about $75 million in individual contributions, according to the Federal Election Commission, with almost all of the remaining campaign funds ($54 million) coming from Trump himself. Of Clinton’s $373 million raised, though, over $285 million came from individuals.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Trump’s self-admitted actions of “grabbing them by the p—y” would constitute sexual assault. The White House also released a statement with the same sexual-assault conclusion.

The only response from Trump’s campaign, however, was denial, followed by threats to release claims of sexual assault allegedly committed by Republican officials who haven’t endorsed him.

Featured image by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

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