BREAKING: Another Trump Adviser Has Just Been Subpoenaed

Another former Trump ally has been ordered to appear in court to address political misconduct.

Just last week, former top-level Trump-campaign advisors, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, were charged with conspiracy, money laundering and acting as unregistered foreign agents. These were the face criminal cases brought forth by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Whose has been tasked with the duty of investigating Russian interference in last year’s election and the role the Trump campaign could possibly have played in encouraging the Kremlin.

Today, another one bites the dust. Carl Icahn, Billionaire investor and former regulations special advisor to Trump, has been subpoenaed by the federal prosecutors of New York. Specifically on the grounds of his part in advising the president on a federal biofuels program.

Icahn was attempting to make changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard, which is a program that requires fuel refiners in order to mix renewable biofuels like ethanol into diesel or gasoline. This seemed innocent until people quickly discovered that these changes would have benefited an energy company (CVR Energy) in which Icahn has an 82% share.

Icahn was always a concern. In May of this year, 8 Democratic senators pleaded with regulators to investigate Icahn’s violations of insider trading law.

Though Icahn stepped down from his advisory role in August, there were still lingering questions of how effective Icahn was in manipulating the system to his benefit.

This breaking news report is relevant because it shows that there are still several layers to the investigations taking place within the Trump administration.

Special counselor Robert Mueller, the New York federal prosecutor’s office, and the press are now one step closer to understanding the full scale of Trump’s corrupt behavior.

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