Anti-Abortion Pastor Claims Starbucks Is Murdering Babies (VIDEO)

Joshua Feuerstein, a rabidly anti-gay pastor who incited a whole lot of pseudo-Christian hatred for Starbucks over their plain red cups, is now blaming Starbucks for abortion. But he’s not calling it abortion. He’s calling it the “genocide of millions of innocent little babies.”

How quaint. He’s speaking specifically of Starbucks’ implied support of Planned Parenthood, which, of course, performs abortions in some of its clinics. Not all, but some. He called Starbucks’ coffee bitter because the money that Starbucks makes is all about abortion:

“Let me explain to you exactly why Starbucks coffee is so bitter and why it’s overpriced. That bitter taste? Well it’s a tiny tasteful touch of abortion. Why’s it so expensive? Well they need your money to support Planned Parenthood and the genocide of millions of innocent little babies.”

He ended his rant by saying that he was glad they were distancing themselves from Christmas because they are nothing like Christ. This is, in fact, a good thing, because if Feuerstein’s is an example of what a good Christian is supposed to be, then no sane person or company should want anything to do with it. Ever. That’s probably the best thing he’s ever said.

Watch the video, which he’s deleted from his account, but others on YouTube managed to preserve:

Starbucks took a lot of flak for matching employee contributions to charities of their choice. Some chose Planned Parenthood, which made the religious right get “righteously” angry. Their nonsense is based on videos that have been debunked repeatedly, but they don’t listen because they don’t like it when facts shatter their worldview. Abortion is evil, Planned Parenthood performs abortions, and so they’ll believe every evil thing imaginable about Planned Parenthood, even if it’s an outright lie.

The odd thing about this is that it’s a company matching program. They’re helping their employees contribute to their chosen charities. They can’t say, “We’ll match any contributions to a non-profit of your choice,” and then say, “Oh, but not that one.” It doesn’t work that way.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter, because enough people either support Starbucks’ positions, or just love their coffee too much, to stop going. Feuerstein manufactured the controversy over the red cups, and now he’s trying to capitalize on the manufactured controversy that is Planned Parenthood through his hatred of Starbucks. It’s amazing that this guy can form coherent sentences, actually.


Image via screen capture from embedded video

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