Another Woman Comes Forward: Trump Grabbed My Breast And Said ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’ (VIDEO)

I was in shock.

The morning after the third and final debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton, a tenth (at least) woman came forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault.  Along with other demeaning comments, he reportedly touched her breast and said to her, “don’t you know who I am?”.

Yoga instructor Karena Virginia held a press conference in where she emotionally told her story to a crowd of reporters with her attorney alongside her.  The 45-year-old woman, with tears in her eyes, recalled her first encounter with Trump:

“I was quite surprised when I overheard him talking to the other men about me.  He said, ‘hey look at this one.  We haven’t seen her before.  Look at those legs’,  as though I was an object, rather than a person.”

She goes on to explain how Trump grabbed her right arm and touched her breast:

“I was in shock, I flinched. ‘Don’t you know who I am.  Don’t you know who I am.’  That’s what he said to me.”

You can watch a clip of the press conference below:

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Virginia explains that she doesn’t typically talk about politics because she fundamentally believes “the light always wins.”  However, last Friday she came forward in a Facebook post feeling “compelled to share from [her] heart” after a meditation session:

“I have spent time with Donald Trump.  I have also spent moments with his wife.  I have also been hit on by Donald Trump in a way that I do not want to write about on social media.  I have seen the sadness in his wife’s eyes looking directly into mine on quiet evenings at a private golf course with her son’s innocence gazing over.

I choose Love.  I trust that light in coming into our world.  Need I say more.”

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